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Our available raw honey flora range is determined by the farming region of origin, the rainfall, nature’s season and the bees’ own natural determined production levels.

The product range can normally include honey from the nectar of South Africa Haak-en-Steek, Aloe, Blue Gum, Sun-Flower, Acacia, Mountain Fynbos, Beach Fynbos, Brachystegia, Multi-Flora flowers and Cream Honey.

Nothing added

No flavouring is added to our raw honey and our honey is not mixed with honey from other countries, it is also not irradiated and pasteurised.

It still contains all the vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, antioxidants and antibiotic properties typically found in abundance in the beehive.

Options available

The available raw honey options of the day and prices are listed in the drop down menu below.

Just click on your option choice and the retail unit price will show. The available stock on the day for the specific product will also be indicated.

Placing your order

You can add your choice of our raw honey product to the basket.

Orders can be collected but alternatively also be delivered at a fee in the Kempton Park, South Africa area.

Please view the basket to confirm the order is correctly reflected.

Coupon specials from time to time

From time to time we may have specials for which we issue a discount coupon. Unfortunately we do not have any specials available at the moment therefore please ignore any reference to a coupon in the basket as well as during check out.

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Once you have confirm your order in the basket you may then proceed to check out to send us the order and  your contact details.

We will contact you when your order has been received.

More product information is available below.

Nutrition Ingredients

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Packed in South Africa

Our raw honey product units are packed in South Africa and is highly competitively priced for the private household consumer.

Our unit prices

The indicated shelve retail unit size options and prices are as available in the Kempton Park, South Africa, area.

A volume discount of 10% is available for orders of 24 or more units of a product line.

Customers are welcome to use our website contact page for any enquiries or send us an email at .

Additional information

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Available options

500g Multiflora, 1kg Sunflower, 500g Wag n Bietjie, 500g Acacia, 500g Sunflower, 1kg Multiflora, 500g Creamed, 500g Beach Fynbos, 1kg Beach Fynbos, 1000g Brachystegia, 500g Kiaat, 1000g Kiaat, 20kg Kiaat, 1kg Raw Honey, 500g Raw Honey

Easy to Order

Orders can be placed by adding your product option choice to the basket.

Delivery and Collection

Most of the time we do it quicker but please allow 7 (seven) to 10 (ten) working days for delivery or collection of your order.

Payment Options

Cash payments can be made at the time of the collection of orders.

We support the conservation and the protection of our nature through sustainable utilisation.